Project Dragrace (ENG)

Since this week a car has been sponsored: BMW 325i Performance package, thanks to: Carservice Moonen

Agron has decided to sponsor car supplies like oil and other consumables, thumbs up for them! Agron Geleen

A friend has sponsored me a replacement engine, 6 cyl 328I 24v with sprint cup modifications.

June 24th 2017: Project has officially kicked off!

To do list: strip the car completely, full streetlegal(ish) exhaust system, full racing brakes and suspension, sticky tires also of course, 6 points rollcage en 4 point harnesses, fuel cell, move the door pillar further back, passenger side doors will be welded together, E85 fuel conversion, making a seating position similar to my wheelchair (passenger side), put in 328i engine, put on ESR SR01 velgen (being sponsored as well), buy and mount M3 mirrors, M3 gtr rear wing, front splitter, racing seat, racing steering wheel and then paint and cosmetics, painting the car in BMW Sakir Orange II, paint the rollcage to my liking , wrapping the roof, mirrors, wing and splitter in carbon fibre!

ESR SR01 rims are on! The gold will be painted black and then they are perfect!20170703_19411520170703_194056

Moving the door pillar, allot of work!20170703_20503720170703_205633

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-04 at 15.40.11

The wing looks amazing, now going to wrap it with carbon fibre and it will be sweet!

Erwin has done a nice big door-job!

Car update juli 12th 2017, Splitter and wing mounted, fuel cell ordered, old fuel tank will be removed. .

Update August 14th 2017, racing fuel cell has arrived!


The boys were very busy with removal of the fuel tank, that’s very empty indeed!

New one will be mounted this week, preparation for fuel cell is underway!

That’s cool; my own name on it, thank you Erwin!IMG-20170821-WA0002

Update September 13th 2017

Fuel cell installed, added stronger fuel pump.WhatsApp Image 2017-09-13 at 20.13.05

Reworked the removal pillar and reinforced the lower beam.

Before and after!

Installed new steering wheel (NRG Deep Dish+Quick release) and new mirrors! (E36 M3 style mirrors)

Update September 27th, swapped the 328I sprint cup spec in the car (2.8l inline 6-220hp~)

New springs are on the car! HSD MonoPro Coilovers for a nice price thanks to TarmacSportz UK

Update 2018 January 7th, Became we were in the middle of moving to a bigger shop and my health wasn’t very good (I’m on the mend again though), the project has been on hold, But since January 6th we had a grand opening, so the shop is ready. We finally sorted out the wiring for the ECU, So this month we are going Dyno-Tuning. Still on the car’s to do list are: Replace front/rear lights, give the roof-rearspoiler-frontsplitter a carbon look, Sparco race seat (Or something else fia certified), build in a rollcage, ventilated hood, cooling upgrade (radiator and oilcooler) and a sprint exhaust system. And last but not least fix me a good seating position!

Here some pictures from the opening party!